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JQL integration for Tags and Merge Requests

Currently, the JQL extensions that come with the Plugin are limited to checking whether an issue has code committed (or forwarded) to a certain branch and whether there are any commits at all. With the JQL functionality extended to Merge requests and Tags it would be possible to find issues that are in the codebase with a certain tag and also find issues with open/merged/closed merge requests.

Some use cases that could be tackled with this extension:

  • Find all issues that have open merge requests
  • Find all issues that have been fixed in a version determined by the version's tag in git
  • Prevent moving issues to a DONE state when they still have Merge Requests pending

Suggested JQL extensions:

  • gitTags is [not] empty
  • gitTags [not] in {"tag1", "tag2"}
  • mergeRequests is [not] empty
  • withMergeRequestState [not] in {OPEN | CLOSED | MERGED}

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