Where a GitLab server is configured with NFS server and the Jira Server is configured with NFS client, there are two possible solutions:

Solution 1.

The 'all_squash' option must not be used in the NFS server 'etc/exports' file for GitLab folders.  The NFS client should have the 'git' group with the same GID as the 'git' group on the NFS server.  The Jira user on the NFS client should be added to the group 'git'.

Example of '/etc/exports' line:

/var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/testrepo xx.xx.xx.xx/24(ro,root_squash,async)

Solution 2.

Use the 'all_squash,async,anonuid=$uid,anongid=$gid' option on NFS server, where $uid and $gid are user ID and group ID for 'git' user and 'git' group respectively (or another user/group which you are using to access GitLab repositories on GitLab server).

Example of '/etc/exports' line:

/var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/testrepo xx.xx.xx.xx/24(ro,all_squash,async,anonuid=497,anongid=497)

In both cases either 'ro' or 'rw' options may be used on NFS server.